About the Photographer

photo by Lori Brennan
I specialize in sports and movement photography. For me, it's not about gaining hundreds of average photos, it's about capturing those one or two amazing moments, especially mid-play, mid-tackle, mid-catch, mid-swing, mid-game.

Please email me at LKPhotographyinMotion@gmail.com to set up your appointment or for more information. Thank you for your patronage!

Moments are fleeting.
     Especially with the quick movement of sports, it's easy to miss those moments, especially on film. Minutes before the game. Moments during the event. Emotions that come with winning and losing. I will be happy to hold the camera while you get to watch the game.

Every person deserves a photo.
     You don't have to have a superstar athlete to want to remember the moment. Each athlete has his or her own ability and each person should be celebrated for everything they're worth. That's what I'm here for.

Who. Where. What. When.
     I definitely prefer outdoor sports and activities well before sundown. I prefer to shoot in natural light. I will shoot evening activities and indoor, but quality will come from outdoor shoots. I welcome opportunities to shoot practices, games, special days, and recreational events.

Toddlers are fun. So are high-schoolers!
     Although I am comfortable with kids and family photography, I do not specialize in baby, family, or wedding portraits. Please discuss with me what you have in mind, and if I can't offer you what you're looking for, I can certainly refer you to some other photographers in the area if you wish.

Not my time to shine.
     I just get to do what I love to do. At games and events, I always offer a professional, courteous opportunity. I will not be invasive or vocal at your event, and I will always yield to officials, coaches, and players. It's like I'm not even there, as it should be. 
     For toddler and kids' photography, I am a gentle and fun photographer. I prefer a play-date atmosphere with some help from family members. Expect many candid shots of their personality and of them just doing what they do, and being who they are.